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The National Workers Union (NWU) is extremely concerned about some of the industrial behavior being exhibited by certain employers within the Security Services Sector.

The NWU is adamant that the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, cannot be held responsible for those industrial atrocities that were being committed before the start of the pandemic and are taking place currently.

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The Management of Helen Television Systems (HTS) and the leadership of the National Workers Union (NWU) met today April 1, 2021 at UNITY House, Castries. The parties were able to conclude provisions on a new industrial agreement that would run for a three (3) year triennium ending in 2022.


Technical and clerical workers employed with the CGI Insurance (Sun General Insurance) and the Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Insurance Company Limited (GTM) have agreed to accept the industrial packages negotiated by the National Workers Union (NWU).

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