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In a letter dated October 20, 2021, the National Workers Union (NWU) has requested an urgent meeting with Minister of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs, Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste.

This request comes on the heels of a general meeting held with Community Health Aides at UNITY HOUSE, home of the National Workers Union in Sans Souci, Castries. Many unpleasant situations were highlighted including:

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Labour Commissioner Ms. Cornelia Jn. Baptiste commenced conciliatory discussions today Monday October 11, 2021 between Secure St. Lucia Ltd and the National Workers Union (NWU). The proceedings pertained to the four (4) employees suddenly made redundant last week by Secure St. Lucia Ltd.

  • After listening to presentations made by the Company and the Union, the Labour Commissioner made it abundantly clear that
    Secure St. Lucia Ltd. has breached sections 145 (3) a and b
    of the Labour Act 2006, and
  • the decision taken by Secure St. Lucia Ltd. should be rescinded.

Labour Commissioner Jn. Baptiste further requested that all relevant documents should be submitted by the Company and the Union and that upon review of these, a recommendation will be made and the parties notified.


Technical and clerical workers employed with the CGI Insurance (Sun General Insurance) and the Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Insurance Company Limited (GTM) have agreed to accept the industrial packages negotiated by the National Workers Union (NWU).

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