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The National Workers Union (NWU) from its establishment in 1973 has always had as its priority, the interests and well being of its members. Out of the blue and from very far afield,

the appearance and widespread circulation of the Novel Coronavirus now known as COVID-19 has put us ALL on alert and in a sea of uncertainty. This global pandemic is speedily eroding our capacity to manage our resources and reserves in a manner that has been unprecedented in our lifetime. It is at times like this that NWU Members on reflection will realize that they have trade union member brothers and sisters in organizations at local, regional and
international levels who are in the same situation.

What we're experiencing today does not have any party colour. Desperate times call for desperate measures. All of us are in this together and we need to abide by the various protocols issued by recognized authorities. Behavior modification is very important if we are to keep safe. Observe and follow the Wash your hands rule. Use hand sanitizers. Practice social distancing. Follow the guidelines provided so as to keep yourself and your colleagues and family members safe. We must act responsibly at all times. We should not participate in any acts of indiscipline that will undermine the legal framework of the country and the efforts at containment.

Our various partners have had to make difficult business decisions in light of the uncertainty ahead. We remain in communication with them on the way forward. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide guidance going forward.


Industrial engagement between the Management of First Citizens Investment Bank and the National Workers Union (NWU) continued Thursday May 11, 2023.

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