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Trade Union activists who are members of the National Workers Union (NWU) and employed within the Essential Services and Tourism Sectors will participate in a One Day Industrial Forum organized by the National Workers Union.

The event which will be held mid-May 2024 is intended to educate participants on the following:

  • The Significance of unionization of essential services and tourism workers
  • The Labour Act 2006 of Saint Lucia
  • Honest Collective Bargaining

Over twenty (20) activists will participate in the One Day Forum. The venue will be the John Burke King Industrial Academy at UNITY HOUSE, #7 Maurice Mason Avenue in Sans Souci, Castries.

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The National Workers Union (NWU) will be hosting its 2024 Annual Congress of Delegates on Saturday February 24, 2024 commencing from 9:30 a.m. The selected theme is “The Trade Union Movement: Accomplishments, Challenges and the Way Forward”.

Delegates from over sixty (60) operational branches of the union will converge at the Conference Room of the John Burke King Industrial Academy at UNITY HOUSE, #7 Maurice Mason Avenue, in Sans Souci, Castries.

At the Open Session, Cde Kimani Pompelis as Chairperson will guide the proceedings. Prayers will be led by Cde Nnamdi Obodoechina, Central Committee Member and Shop Steward at St. Jude Hospital. Secretary General, Cde Johann M. Harewood will in his Welcome Address set the tone for the occasion. Brief Remarks will be received from the Minister of Labour. The Feature Address will be delivered by Mr. Mac Donald Dixon who will also declare the Congress open. Solidarity Messages from affiliates and sister trade unions will be shared by Cde Embert Eugene, Junior Industrial Relations Specialist. Following this Cde Garvey Esnard will deliver the Vote of Thanks.

The Closed Session will begin at 11:00 a.m.


Clerical and technical workers employed with the Teachers’ Cooperative will enjoy a ten percent (10%) pay hike settled between the Cooperative and the National Workers Union (NWU). This will be spread over a three-year period broken down as 5% in Year One, 3% in Year 2 and 2% in Year 3, with four (4) months back pay.

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