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Welcome Address at Hotel & Tourism Industrial Forum, Royal Saint Lucian Hotel

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While some of you may not understand your importance to the tourism sector, I am of the strong opinion that given the challenges currently being faced by the agricultural sector and our bananas, the strain will be on us to provide Saint Lucia with three meals daily. At that stage some of us will begin to realize that the tourism sector cannot run or operate without us. This is no boast. It is the truth.

While we are prepared to continue our roles and responsibilities within the sector, we have to guard against committing the same huge mistakes in the agricultural, particularly the banana sector. Today we see many farmers, farm workers and farm owners without owner occupied housing, a proper health plan and an economic avenue that would provide a pension and other source of financial sustainability.

This is indeed a wake up call for hotel and tourism workers. All the figures suggest that tourism is our major economic source of income. We have seen huge expansion in the sector and indeed associated growth. Hotel and Tourism workers must be given the opportunity to share in that growth. This Forum provides us with an opportunity to dialogue on the challenges, see the opportunities and organize our future therein so as to be able to stand tall as key contributors and benefactors of the

On behalf of the general membership, Central Committee and Leadership of the National Workers Union (NWU), I take extreme pleasure in warmly welcoming you to this Industrial Forum.


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