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NWU to WINERA's 40th Anniversary Celebrations

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First of all let me make a profound apology on behalf of the President General of the National Workers Union (NWU), Mr. Tyrone Maynard, who at the last minute could not attend this important event. I was however asked to represent the NWU and gladly accepted that responsibility. Greetings from the National Workers Union.

Today we are gathered to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of WINERA’s plant operations. Forty (40) years – that’s indeed a milestone that we should all feel proud to reflect on. During those forty years, the NWU had an opportunity to work with WINERA as an industrial relations partner and I can safely say that we have been able to build a tremendous relationship which has worked in the interest of employees and the Company.

This relationship could not have been a cordial one if we did not respect each other, be honest with each other and trust each other. Our presence here this evening is justifiable. Since we were asked to make brief remarks, I will not break the protocol so let me take this opportunity on behalf of the National Workers Union to express our full support for this event and to convey our full solidarity with the Director, Shareholders, Management and Workers of WINERA on this historic occasion.

LONG LIVE WINERA                        VIVA WINERA


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