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Message to the Seamen, Waterfront & General Workers Trade Union (SWGWTU)

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As you celebrate under the theme “Trade Unionism in the Region 2012 and Beyond”you will no doubt have to address the current global financial meltdown which has had implications for all sectors of our economies. We recognize the effect that the collapse of CLICO and British American Insurance Company has had on many local organizations including yours. You have had to restructure your organisation accordingly. The constant struggle to maintain branch membership is a concern for many.

Recently we have seen many cutbacks that have resulted in layoffs and redundancies, in closures of departments and businesses. The talk of doubledigit recession in other parts of the world has to be carefully monitored as we are now in a global village and we cannot escape the outflow from the actions of the large corporations. On the local front, we are faced with the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in less than a week’s time. Our workers have serious misgivings as there are many implications for the meager wages and salaries they obtain.

Your theme calls for a review of the efforts that brought us together as trade unionists at least over the last four or five decades. The championing of many causes and the types of action that this necessitated to arrive at basic legislation are on the history books. For us, one that stands out clearly now is the Recognition of Employer and Employee Organisations Act No. 42 of 1999. Trade union solidarity can only be maintained if we recognise and support the strengths and contributions of each other within the Trade Union Movement.

The National Workers Union wishes your organization the best as it continues in the struggle to help its members obtain remuneration and improvement in working conditions to advance their quality of life.

Long live the Saint Lucia Seamen, Waterfront & General Workers Trade Union.

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