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Address by Mr. Geoffrey Devaux, Chartered Accountant

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Address by Mr. Geoffrey Devaux, Chartered Accountant

at Installation Ceremony for NWU Senior Shop Stewards

Précis of an address to Senior Shop Stewards of the NWU. Saturday September 5 2020 7PM.
First off congratulations to the NWU for once again setting the bar a little higher in terms of the organization encouraging its members, in this case its more Senior Members, to aspire to heights perhaps previously reached but not formally recognized .
This very act dovetails with one of the six “Principles of Societal Well Being” that I wish to highlight through my address. The Principle in question is the one referred to as “The Common Good”.
The Common Good is one of six principles that when operating together results in a society functioning properly. By that I mean there would be strong family structures, close to full employment, education for all and accommodation for those who wish to excel, very low to zero crime levels, accessible and high standard of health care for all, freedom of worship, good governance etc.

The six principles being: Dignity, The Common Good, Subsidiarity, Solidarity, Universal Destination of Goods and Option for the Poor.
The responsibility of all Shop Stewards and indeed Senior Shop Stewards is to ensure that those in their charge have full access to the tools that would enhance their personal development both as it relates to their present job, for the future and for their overall development. A close and tactful relationship with company owners facilitates the availability of resources for the workers development.
Absence of the proper application of the Common Good often leads to inefficient operations and in extreme cases bankruptcy, not to mention the unfulfilled development of the individual. In the case of Boeing and its 737 aircraft one could argue that it also led to the loss of hundreds of innocent lives.
Senior Shop Stewards are encouraged to learn more about the Common Good and apply it to their lives which must include their work environment.
Thomas Aquinas of African birth often highlighted two virtues namely Wisdom and Prudence. Senior Shop Stewards are encouraged to emulate these two virtues as they allow the Common Good to become more and more an integral part of their work culture.

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