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Father Albert Smith – Assistant Parish Priest, Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Soufriere and former NWU Shop Steward at NRDF

National Workers Union 2020 Annual Conference of Delegates

Theme: Deep reflection on our consolidation efforts towards the survival and sustainability of the National Workers Union.

As you celebrate your Annual Conference of Delegates, I bring you greetings and best wishes for every success as you forge ahead to be the best union, second to none, placing first always the welfare of your members.
God is the source of our very existence, therefore all we do and say should always be rooted in him.
As you celebrate your Annual Conference of Delegates let me draw your attention to the words of God through the prophet Micah, 6: 8, and I quote, “ The LORD has told us what is good. What he requires of us is this: to do what is just, to show constant love, and to live in humble fellowship with our God.”
The Church in her mission has taken these words to heart and has been in the fore front of workers rights and protection in the industrial world of Europe and beyond.
In the 19th century, Pope Leo XIII recognized that economic changes introduced new relationships between those who had wealth and those who did not.

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John Burke King. OBE
Committed to Upholding Workers’ rights


He was a trade unionist at heart and an accomplished musician.

John Burke King was born on Victoria Street, Dennery in Saint Lucia on March 27th, 1919. When he was still a baby his mother took him to Trinidad and it is there he attended school and developed a love for and learned to read music. After the tragic passing of his mother, Burke was placed in an orphanage and a few years later was taken back to Saint Lucia by an aunt.

His love for music endured the transition and he continued to study, practice and excel. During the 1940s and 1950s, Mr. King became popular on the music scene playing his favourite instrument, the saxaphone. He established a band called “The Merry Makers Orchestra” and performed with them for many years.

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Address by Mr. Geoffrey Devaux, Chartered Accountant

at Installation Ceremony for NWU Senior Shop Stewards

Précis of an address to Senior Shop Stewards of the NWU. Saturday September 5 2020 7PM.
First off congratulations to the NWU for once again setting the bar a little higher in terms of the organization encouraging its members, in this case its more Senior Members, to aspire to heights perhaps previously reached but not formally recognized .
This very act dovetails with one of the six “Principles of Societal Well Being” that I wish to highlight through my address. The Principle in question is the one referred to as “The Common Good”.
The Common Good is one of six principles that when operating together results in a society functioning properly. By that I mean there would be strong family structures, close to full employment, education for all and accommodation for those who wish to excel, very low to zero crime levels, accessible and high standard of health care for all, freedom of worship, good governance etc.

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It is truly an honour and a privilege to welcome you all to the 2ndAnnual Congress of Delegates of the National Workers Union, in this its 42nd year of existence. The National Workers Union has a long and rich history steeped in industrial relations and workers’ rights. Through changes in governments, political ideologies, market fluctuations and mainstream philosophies, one thing remains constant, that of workers’ rights.

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