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NWU Committees

National Workers Union Committees


This Committee shall execute all its functions in keeping with Rules No. 10 and 23 of the National Workers Union (NWU) Constitution

  • Caroline Montoute-Caroo – Finance Officer/Chairperson
  • Johann M. Harewood – Secretary General/Committee Secretary
  • Tyrone G. Maynard – President General
  • Solace Myers – Deputy President General
  • Nigel A. Fulgence – Trustee, General Membership
  • Kimani Pompelis – Trustee, SLASPA
  • Methodius Plante – Trustee, NIC
  • Gregory Inglis - Senior Shop Steward, WASCO


This Commission will be responsible for organizing all local educational and training activities of the NWU. All overseas invitations to the NWU pertaining to Congresses, Seminars, and other matters relating to the trade union movement will be handled by the Commission. Consultation must take place with the Secretary-General.

  • Norma Maynard – NWU Education & Training Coordinator/Chairperson
  • Solace Myers – NWU Deputy President General
  • Juliana Christophe – CC Member
  • Mary Florton - Senior Shop Steward, WASCO
  • Janel Joseph-Martial – CC Member, NIC
  • Garvey Esnard – Senior Shop Steward, National Farmers & General WCCU


This Committee will be directly responsible for organizing the Annual Congress of Delegates and Year-end Christmas Party for Members Children.

  • Kimani Pompelis – HR Shop Steward Advisor SLASPA/Chairperson
  • Johann Harewood – Secretary-General NWU
  • Norma Maynard – Education & Training Coordinator NWU
  • Jabe Auguste - Senior Shop Steward BOSL
  • Julia Jordan – Senior Shop Steward M&C Group of Companies
  • Shirley Ann Edward – Shop Steward LIAT
  • Methodius Plante –Shop Steward NIC
  • Garvey Esnard - Senior Shop Steward NFGWCCU


This Commission is responsible for dealing with all matters relating to the National Workers Union building, property, and real estate.

  • Johann M Harewood - Secretary-General/ Chairperson
  • Caroline CAROO – Finance Officer SLASPA
  • Roland Duncan – Shop Steward NIPRO
  • Gregory Inglis – Senior Shop Steward WASCO/Hon CC Member
  • Edmund Elcock – Former NWU Office Superintendent


  • Uranus Jn. Baptiste – NWU IT Advisor/Chairperson
  • Johann Harewood – Secretary-General/Finance Administrator
  • Saravantha Hinkson – Senior Shop Steward FLOW
  • Norma Maynard - Education & Training Coordinator NWU
  • Phil Neptune – Shop Steward/CC Member SLASPA


This Commission shall be directly responsible for making all human resource decisions of the organization. The Commission must always consult the NWU Officer in charge of the NWU’s operations, after which full approval must be sought from the NWU’s Central Committee.

  • Nigel Fulgence – Trustee /Chairperson
  • Caroline Montoute-Caroo - Finance Officer
  • Leonards Prescott – NWU Southern Office Organizer/ Hon CC Member
  • Gregory Inglis – Senior Shop Steward, WASCO, Hon CC Member
  • Solace Myers – Deputy President General, NWU
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