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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one become a member of the National Workers Union?
  • You must not be less than sixteen (16) years and not older than seventy-five (75) years.
  • Complete and submit the Union Application Form for consideration.
  • Pay the Entrance Fee.

That will make you a financial member if approved for membership.

Can I join the NWU at age 60?
Does the Union negotiate for all staff?
What are the benefits from being a member of the Union?
Am I entitled to Severance Pay if I resign from my employment?
Under what circumstances is a worker entitled to Severance Pay?
How is Vacation Leave allotted?
How much FUNERAL LEAVE is a worker entitled to?
When is OVERTIME due?

Overtime is gained after eight (8) hours a day, and forty (40) hours a week in some instances. Normal overtime hours are calculated at time and a half (1.5) and in some instances double (2x) time.

Are Overtime Rates different on a weekend?
When is one entitled to SICK LEAVE?
How many employees are required to approach the union seeking union recognition?
Who/ What is a Shop Steward?
What is Collective Bargaining?
What is meant by retroactive pay?
Can an employer just on his own change an employee’s contract of employment?
Protecting And Defending The Economic, Social, Educational, Cultural And Political Interest Of Workers
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